7 Great ways to impress your employees

Employee retention holds great importance now-a-days as demand is high for great talents and companies are ready to pay big bucks to get the best resources. Previous generation of workers were much easy to retain when compared with millennials as the opportunities have increased. Companies must employ extra efforts into employees welcome to retain them.

Here are some of the great ways to retain and impress employees of your company


1. Great onboarding

First impression creates a great deal of stabilization to the employee. How you welcome your employees create an impression among them, if it is done correctly, he will feel welcomed and get accustomed to the surrounding easily. On the other hand, if it is not done right, they may not feel right about them working for you.

Some of the way in which you can improve employee onboarding is setting up all the necessary access and things upfront, setting up the desk/workspace, etc.

2. Welcome kits

Welcome kits have become a part of the corporate culture as organizations from Multi-National Companies to the Startups adopting welcoming their new employees with a bag a goodies.

Usually, welcome kits include branded accessories that the organization seems fit for their employees.

It can differ or include

3. Benefits

Employee benefits are a part of every organizations culture now-a-days. Some of the perks are even mandated by the Government such as Provident Fund, Employee Health Insurance, etc. But what you provide as additional benefits to your employees may help raise some eyebrows and appreciate the organization for their efforts.

Providing offer for shares, Food Coupons, Healthy food, Flexible timing, Work from Home options, etc. are some of the examples of added employee benefits.

4. Recognition and Appreciation

An organization can easily win over the employee’s heart by simply acknowledging, recognizing and appreciating the work a person is doing. Irrespective of the position one is in, if you recognize and appreciate even the little developments, changes and improvements, employees will feel the need to do more.

5. Rewards

Rewards are a small token of happiness to employees who does a great job. You can complement the best performer or exceptional worker or great thinker or anyone who made a healthy contribution towards the improvement of themselves as well as the company. This in turn will create a healthy environment in the organization.

6. Continuous Improvement

Employees will not stay at a place where there is no improvement. Create new challenges, let them challenge themselves and overcome their past performances, introduce new avenues where they could excel at. Continuous learning and development are a great part of one’s career and without improvement one will find himself stale.

7. Window of Opportunity

Provide more opportunity to employees and promoting them from within the company will be a great morale booster for employees. When hiring for a specific position, first look for employees who might fit the job description and see if anyone is willing to switch departments or teams. This will give a trust to the employees that the organization is recognizing his work and is ready to provide opportunities of growth.

These are some of the ways an organization must commit to the employees in order to impress them and create a healthy environment around the office.